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Encyclopedia of the Ghetto

Encyclopedia of the Ghetto


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The communal life of a group of people brought together by external 
coercion with no deliberate intention of forming a common destiny gradually 
took forms over time that were only possible on the territory of the ghetto. 
Everyday life requires certain norms of working and existing. It developed its 
own structure, its language, its terminology. No community anywhere in the 
world could be comparable to that of the ghetto. […]
A collection of these linguistic and lexical resources forms part of the 
ghetto’s cultural history. In a later period of history, one to which research 
on the ghetto will belong, such a collection, such an encyclopedia, will be 
able to provide elucidation where a bare description of the conditions does 
not suffice. In the history of humankind, words and language – scholarship 
long ago proved this thesis – have been more credible witnesses and sources 
of truth than other, material memorials. 
The  present  encyclopedia  makes  no  claim  to  be  exhaustive  and  an 
unambiguous definition of terms. But it believes it has come close to this 
targeted goal. […]
Oskar Rosenfeld, December 1, 1943.

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